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Background video hero in iOS

What’s up with background video hero in iOS. Can’t get it to work, only on computer!

background videos only work on desktop. This is a mobile browser feature that makes sure that no one wastes that data plan on something they didn’t initiate.

Instead of using a background video in your mobile breakpoints, how about try using an animated GIF.

Good point…

Thanx, the GIF-feature in HYPE 3.5 did fix this for me:

By the way, it would be awesome if Webflow could support HTML5-export from Hype!!!

Hi @torkjell, could you provide more info on what kind of support you would like to see with Hype? Here is the category to post that request :slight_smile: Guidelines for posting to the Wish List category

@cyberdave I can too! Hype is currently a missing link, the only software brick allowing me to do vector animation (let’s consider Adobe Edge Animate dead and Google Web Designer as a Ads-creation only tool)

I have done an animated logo that is showcased on this page:

Here is what it looks like in Hype 3, FYI

It’s embeded in Webflow using iFrame but I could have added the code + JS needed, but it’s a lot of manipulations so I tend not to do it for showcase.

Somewhere in this forum I have asked for support of Adobes’ Edge Animate output format. @torkjell request is the same, for Hype. And I’d like to be able to quickly embed bricks from Hype, too.

Here is what it outputs:

Files of the output animation can be downloaded here:

Files of the project can be downloaded here: (.Hype file)

Export Options:

There’s a 30 days trial on the pro version :

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