Background video not working well on iPad and iPhone

In order to display a background video, I’ve created an embed widget as explained in this forum, inside a section with the following settings: position:absolute, display:block:


The background works fine on desktop, but on mobile it displayed a round “PLAY” icon and then an image and does not play the video.

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HTML5 BG Video will never work on mobile as they do on desktop. Videos on mobile don’t play inline (but fullscreen in a player) and don’t autostart.

You can hide your html5 video widget for mobile, and dislay only for mobile an element that has an animated gig on bg, a shorter and more compressed, in gif, version of your video.

Example here: See how the video turns to a shorter gif on the hero section, when resizing the browser.

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Thank you very much @vincent, you’ve been very helpfull!

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