Background Video at Webflow Redesign Homepage

Hello everyone,

I know that there is a custom code workaround on making background video to work on iOS 10 and later. But since webflow is using a background video on their redesigned version of the homepage and the video is also working on mobile. I wonder if there are any webflow only solution for background videos to work on mobile.

I am not really confident about copy and pasting code based on forum suggestions and see them stop working after couple of months. If webflow has a solution for it, then I’d be super happy to know about it. Or at least is there a specific reason why Webflow doesn’t make this “custom code” already embedded. Is there any compatibility issues on it?


Hello @BittiGitti

Unfortunately there’s no native solution for video background on Webflow, as you mentioned there are other options that you can explore but I’m afraid that all of them are custom coded.

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