Awards Management

Hi All

Just fell into the amazing world of no-code and my mind is blown!

I want to create an awards management system. Been looking into 3rd party apps and they’re all very expensive. Thought maybe I can do it with Webflow > Memberstack > Airtable > Zapier + maybe Foxycart.

My needs are:

  • signup/login to our awards (memberstack - free and paid memberships)
  • add award entries to cart and pay (foxycart)
  • fill out award entry form (send data to airtable, then back to webflow as an automated cms)
  • member dashboard? (if they need to edit entries)
  • judges dashboard -> the entry data be sent back to a private webflow cms area for judging (need a score system too)

Has anyone seen something like this built, or got any recommendations on best way to go about creating this? Or any tutorials? I’ve been watching the Webflow > Memberstack ones by the UnicornFactory guy in NZ.

Webflow wants me to add a link to my site so here tis but its really nothing so far…