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Automated Mailchimp HTML Email

Hi guys,

Just wondering if there’s a way to send a HTML confirmation email to a user once they’ve filled out our webflow contact form? For example “Thanks for reaching out, we’ve get back to you within xx”.

I have looked into zapier and mailchimp doesn’t have that kind of integration with webflow. I know you can do it with gmail in plain-text but I really would like it to send out a nicely automated HTML template instead.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Hey @kanebaker,

What you’re looking for is provided by Mailchimp

Have a great day.


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It’s easily done in mailchimp. If you need instructions, here’s a very nice guide made by Paul Jarvis on

It’s not free, for sure, but you’ll get a step by step tutorial how to make an automated response. And all the other things you need to know about automation, onboarding and campaigns.