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Automating a stats section for a Softball team site

I’m currently designing a site for my local softball team and should be starting the build in Webflow soon.

There will be a section displaying statistics for each player. What would be the recommended way to automate this (I’ve yet to use any integrations in my Webflow projects)? Was thinking that I could setup a CMS collection based on a Google Sheets file and automate the statistic updates with Zapier. Would using a product like Airtable work better?

Any recommendations from the Webflow community?

Another automation service that doesn’t get nearly enough mention (in my humble opinion!) is Integromat - it’s hugely flexible, and much cheaper than Zapier. I’ve used it for everything from Hubspot CRM integrations, to Webflow/Memberstack/Airtable builds.

Full disclosure - the link above is a referral link. Although of course hugely appreciated if you sign up using it, here’s the direct (non-referral) link for you if you prefer -

For your use-case, you could set up a workflow that watches for edits to your Google Sheets data, and then automatically pushes that update through to the relevant CMS item (as it looks like you’ve already identified would be the case if you used Zapier). There is a bit of a steeper learning curve attached to it, but definitely worth putting the time in to learn it, in my opinion - even just their Free plan is pretty powerful, and their paid plans start from $9/month vs Zapier’s $25/month.

Feel free to drop me a line if you get stuck - I’m certainly no expert, but can do my best to troubleshoot for you.

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Cool, thanks @Andy_Vaughan. I’m still finishing up the design phase, but I may hit you up when I get to the development part when it comes to the integration. :wink:

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No problem @CoryRunn!

To answer your initial question, yes, definitely take a look at Airtable too. It’s just overall more powerful and database-y than Google Sheets.

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Another solution is to use PowerImporter’s Airtable sync service. It maps your Airtable base to your CMS collections, and takes care of all the complexity of converting the fields for you. Example: if you want player images to also be synced from Airtable to Webflow, or if you want to manage reference fields, e.g., Player belongs to a Team, etc.

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