Send Email Notification on CMS Change

Hello everyone.

This is a question about a CMS collection list and an automated email.

My CMS collection list contains a ‘email address’ and a ‘switch’ field. Now, when I switch this ‘switch’ to ‘on’, I want to auto-send a ready styled email to the email address in that same collection list.

Zapier has no setting to watch for changes in a CMS collection, neither does Integromat (Make).

Is there a way to achieve this?

Yes, We at Byteline just released the Webflow trigger task. You can watch for a specific Webflow CMS collection with a filter on the Switch field. Now when a collection item is updated with the switch on, your flow will be instantly invoked. After that, you can send the email or do any other action.

Check out

Thank you dpstechy, I will look into it.
Great tip.