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I want to create an integration with Discord where I can set up automatic updates in a channel when there is a new blog post on our Webflow site. Zapier doesn’t seem to support this, I can trigger a discord post into a collection list in Webflow but not the other way around.

Does anyone know a way to do this?


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Hi Yansen, welcome to the forum.
Yes you can do that with

  • It offers triggers based on new Webflow CMS item created
  • And Discord actions for posting

You should be able to accomplish what you want on the free plan

Hi @yansenk :wave: welcome to the forum!

Yes, that’s totally doable.

You need to use Webflow Webhooks for this.

In a nut shell…

You setup a Webhook to automatically trigger whenever someone creates, updates, or deletes any items within your Webflow CMS.

You setup your Webhook to send this anywhere you like.

In your case, it sounds like it may be best to send it to Zapier, which in turn can hook up to Discord.

Create a new blog post in your CMS → It’s automatically sent to Zapier → Then it’s posted to Discord

Here’s a quick high-level walk through:

Create a Zapier Webhook:

Copy the URL this zap gives you:

This might be a tad bit confusing. You are creating two Webhooks. A Webflow Webhook, and a Zapier Webhook.

The goal with Zapier is to get a URL that your Webflow Webhook can send something to.

Create a new blog post in your CMS → It’s automatically sent to Zapier → Then it’s posted to Discord

Create a Webflow Webhook:

Open up the Webflow Webhook Creator and paste in the url that Zapier just gave you:

Grab your Webflow projects API token:

Found in project settings, integrations tab.

Paste it into the Webflow Webhook Creator:

Choose collection item created as your trigger:

Now Webflow is setup with a Webhook:

Test Your Webhook:

Go to your Webflow CMS and create a new CMS item.

Then in Zapier:

It should show you the Webflow CMS item you just created :smile:

All that’s left is for you to create a new action within this Zapier Zap that sends this to your Discord channel :exploding_head:

Once you get the hang of it, you can do a lot of very powerful stuff, here are some examples:

If you’d like more details, here’s a little extra:

Hope that helps!

@ChrisDrit Thanks for the detailed steps. Really appreciated your time and effort.

I want to include heading and URL to the latest blog post in the message after the new item is published since we regularly use scheduling for blogs. I might be wrong but it looks like the webhook available is triggered when the item is created, not when it’s published.

There’re multiple lists on the site but I would like trigger to only be the Blog list, excluding others. Will this be achievable with the steps provided above or does it requires custom webhook?


Yea, they don’t make “published” available unfortunately. That’s where you have to get creative. One approach is to add a field like “published” and filter for it in Zapier. When it exists you allow the zap to continue.

Yea, again, Webflow isn’t giving us that granular level control. But it’s okay, you can just add it via another filter in Zapier. Just filter on the CMS Collection name or a field within it. When it matches you know it’s the correct Collection and allow it to continue.

Honestly, this is the point where Zapier starts to break down as a good solution, and where Make (Integromat) starts to take over as the better choice.

Doing the things I just mentioned in Make becomes really simple (and for a much cheaper price).

Here’s a walk through of how to set this up in Make and not get charged for it:

You could apply the above approach to solve both of your questions; filtering for a specific CMS Collection and then a “published” field within it.

Hope that helps!