New facebook post = new cms item and autopublish

hey there,

i’m working for a client which have a wordpress page, their “newspage” uses facebook posts as a newslist, is it possible to connect the facebook posts into the CMS system?

You could use something like zapier or Integromat.

When a new Facebook post is created, it can automatically take the data, create a CMS item and publish.

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I did this on a few projects.

Facebook from time to time changest their API rules, token authentications, etc without any warning. In the event it breaks, you need to simply rehook it with a new token. Anytime there’s a privacy update on FB, check your FB auth tokens.

Hello all. I tried this solution and got it to work (sort of). My client takes a lot of before and after pics on Facebook so I need this to work for multiple images. I was only able to get it to pull the first image. I added a multi image field to my collection but that wasn’t the solution it still only showed one image.

I am wondering is better to go the reverse way. Have my client post to his website and then zap it over to Facebook.

Any help is appreciated. I can not link to read only from my iPad.