Automatically assigning access groups

Hey there, wondering if anyone can help with automatically assigning access groups to 4 different sets of users.

I’m currently building a job board, and the post a job page needs to be accessible to 3 different user types, and not available to the 4th. I have setup access groups to reflect that, and I created a custom field on the sign-up page for the user to select the type of user they are.

What I need is an automation that assigns the access group, based on what the user selected in the custom field. Zapier and Make can’t seem to access users via Forms or as a CMS item, so that didn’t work.

Based on other research, it looks like I might need the SA5 User Lib (🔍 About SA5's Webflow User Accounts Lib - Sygnal Attributes | Designed for Webflow) for this, but I’m not sure. Any other job board builders been through this? Appreciate any help…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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HI Lloyd, I’m the author of SA5.

The automation part to sort out your access groups shouldn’t be difficult, you’d normally make the calls directly to the user accounts API. However it sounds like you’re using the CMS to store user data as well, perhaps for a directory?

I’d need to know more to suggest the right approach, but I can certainly help sort out the access group automations.

I’ll send you my details by DM now.

Hey Michael, thanks for putting SA5 out there to plug the cavernous gaps the Webflow team have left in the product. I’m befuddled by why they built users and logic and left it where it is.

I’m using the CMS for storing user information (employers, applicants) because I figured that’s what the user items were there for. But seems like a lot of customisation is needed for things that should be very basic.

I’ll send you a DM.