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Hello all, any ideas would be welcome

I have an education type site with the usual tiers:

Each person would then have access to material related to their “position”. IE a registered student can see the tutorials but not the exams etc etc.

My original plan was to use the e-commerce purchases or subscriptions but WEBFLOW does not have a PAYMENT gateway (partner) that services our Country (South Africa) meaning I cannot set up the payment = I can’t limit the user based on “purchases”.

For other reasons, the Courses are set up in collection lists already (for content etc). So, the question is:

HOW would I show a logged in user the material to which they have access privilages?

1: Is it possible to manually “sell” a subscription to the user in th back end? IE can I tell the webflow user page that this user has bought a product without running the purchase through the webflow ecommerce?

2: Can I add a collection list to the users page but somehow filter that list based on their name (or even better their membership number) because this info is also in a collection list.

3: I can’t see how to use the collection list page to display the info only to the user

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None of this capability exists in Webflow natively.

Yes but you’d have to build that infrastructure externally.
You can use an external payment-subscription system that has a good webhook APi, and automate it so that subscriptions/enrollments trigger the necessary process in the WF API like a user invite and access group changes.

There’s a fair bit of stitching to do here though, to handle changes, cancellations, failed payments…

Note it’s not “robust”. If you delete a user account through the API but that user is already logged in, they’ll still have access for a few more days until their token expires.

It’s quite difficult, because you cannot dynamically filter. If the total amount of data is small -and- security is not important, you can do this using FS CMS Load + FS CMS Filter + custom code to force-set the filter.

You’re trying use Webflow to build an app, which is not what it’s designed for. You probably need to look at WWX - Webflow + Wized + Xano.

Hi Michael
Thanks for the speedy response!

For now I think I’ll go with option 2 as the security is not vital in that regard and by the time it’s more needed there may be a payment gateway geared for South Africa, OR I find a way for the organization to have a GBP | USD or whatever account for this (the actual issue is only foreign exchange bringing the $$ back into ZA). In fact PayPal do pay into ZA but only a particular bank (which this organisation does not bank with.
So definitely solvable in the medium term

In the short term I did watch a YouTube on filtering with attributes - is this what you mean? If so, could you share the FS CMS code, it was not clear in the youtube.

Thanks again for the reply!

:laughing: Code doesn’t work that way, the point of code is that it enables specific problems in specific situations. You’ll have to build that situation first. You’ll design your FS filter setup to filter the way you want based on a userid or accessgroup. Then you’ll hide it, and trigger that filtering behind the scenes with script.

There are some trick to getting the filter to respond to scripts, so hire a dev if you don’t have one, and/or spend some time in the Finsweet+ paid forum to get help from FS directly on how to build that.

Your questions though indicate that you really don’t know what you’re diving into, it’s going to be a massive learning curve to build the pieces you’d need to make this work. I built SA5’s User Info lib to support some degree of personalization in site builds that use User Accounts, which is a piece you’ll need to get a unique user identifier and possibly access groups for the CMS.

You’ll be a pro developer by the time you’re done building this.

Haha, or a semi pro(ficient) hack!