Seeking Assistance with Webflow Membership and Page Access Management

Hi all,

I’m currently facing a challenge with managing access groups in Webflow and would greatly appreciate any guidance or solutions you can provide.

Here’s the situation:I have successfully created an access group on my Webflow site and designated some restricted pages that are only accessible to this group. The current setup involves inviting individuals to become user accounts, granting them access to these restricted pages. Upon signing up and logging in, they are automatically redirected to their restricted page, thanks to a redirect fallback configured in the login form block. This works seamlessly for the single group I have right now.

The Challenge:I need to create an additional access group that should have its own set of restricted pages. My dilemma is figuring out how to redirect members of this new group to their specific restricted pages. As it stands, they would end up being redirected to the existing group’s restricted page due to the single fallback redirect setup.

My Request:I am looking for a solution that doesn’t involve third-party apps or extensive programming. Is there a way within Webflow to manage multiple access groups and their unique redirects more efficiently?

Any advice, tips, or step-by-step guidance would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

Hey Rex, I build custom solutions like this for clients, but you should be able to accomplish this by using the SA5 User Info library and setting it up for access groups.

The way it would work is you’d create a “redirect” page which just has a nice animation and says “please wait”. On login, you’d fallback to that page, always.

Then on that redirect page, you’d use SA5’s User Info event handler, and once the access groups are loaded, you’d redirect your users to the page you want based on their access group.

Basics of the lib;

Access groups config;

Detecting when access groups are loaded, so you can utilize that data;