Conditional Visibility Hacks Based on Access Groups

Has anyone come up with a hack to create conditional visibility on individual elements based on User Access Groups?

I’m trying to show or hide specific menu items based on a user’s access group.

For example, I have two CMS video collections called “members April 2023” and “members June 2023”. I also have access groups with the same names.

I only want to show the “members April 2023” menu items to the corresponding access group.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve prototyped a solution for this but I’m quite busy with projects and I have not seen a lot of interest in this feature. If enough people are interested I might completed it and add it to the Sygnal attributes lib.

The big challenge is that there’s no way to secure “gated” elements using a client-side gating approach.

Have a look at the discussion here if you’re interested;

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Thanks @memetican. I would definitely be interested in this feature. We just decided to move our membership platform over to Webflow and this might be a deal breaker if I can’t figure it out. I’ve looked into Memberstack but I’d love to keep it all in Webflow if possible.

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