Automated website testing

Hi all,

Does anyone have any advice on automating website testing in Webflow? For example, once a day, I want an automatic check to run to make sure that a form can successfully submit. Investigating on behalf of a client so I don’t have a website link yet. More interested in suggestions for investigation.

Fast and reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps | Playwright this tool is pretty easy to use

Before you start paying for services, it’s important to know what you’re after with this. It’s relatively easy to setup a daily form submit. However to complete the verification, you ideally want to get a success message, and also to receive the email notification.

To do that your test platform must interact with two systems ( website & email ) and also allow for a lengthy delay for the email transmission.

And if you’re trying to verify that all of your leads are getting through, that’s not enough because Webflow’s spam screening depends on the content and probably the origin of the message ( IP, country, etc. ).

None of this is public information, so it would be difficult to design a unit test around it.

Overall though, the easiest way may be to build it in parts. Use a web based QA testing tool to setup a daily form post- Testim is good for that and you can probably stay on the free plan.

Then separately, build an automation on something like to check your inbox for the daily test message ( give it a recognizable email or magic word for identification? ). If it’s not found, have it throw an alert at you.