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Is there any way to automate visual testing in Webflow (eg. Percy)?

Hi folks. I’m a developer that is transitioning the company website to Webflow - and about to handover the site management to our Marketing and Design teams.

I have not been able to find any integration regarding visual UI testing in Webflow. Has anyone discovered a way to set up a service that shows a Webflow user all UI changes to their project, that they can check before publishing? For example, if someone changes the h1 on the homepage, they would open up this service or integration which will highlight that h1 has changed on particular page and would also show - oh the heading on a completely different page changed too (making the user realize that they broke something)

On our React-based apps we use Percy - which is perfect for showing visually any change to a website user interface.

Has anyone tried to or found a way to implement some form of automatic full-site visual diff checking while using Webflow?

I’m aware one can view changes within the project Editor, but it seems like you’d have to know where to look in the current setup, but won’t be informed if something breaks unexpectedly elsewhere. Unless I’m missing something?