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Automated Regression Testing on/before Publish

Hi all,

Question on regression testing.

When making minor tweaks to your site - how do you validate you haven’t changed any global css and introduced regression errors?

The two options seem to be:

  • Manual - Do a manual run through every page.
  • Automated - Set up an automated test pack using Browserstack and other tools.

I’m looking for something more middle of the road (low-code but more automated than a manual check) and wondered if people had any bright ideas?



For completeness here is the read-only link to my site - if you are interested! Webflow -

Mr. Colling,

Might I suggest checking out RainforestQA? Pretty interesting solution. Best of luck!

QE Viking

I run automated testing while using webflow subdomain as staging environment, where I run test before publishing.

Available tools require a lot of setup, although I am looking forward it looks promising