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Attach PDF to Order Confirmation – Ecommerce

Hello Community,

is it anywhere possible to attach a PDF into the order confirmation Mail?
In Germany we are legally obliged to send the general terms and conditions and cancellation policy to the customer by e-mail after his order. Every large online shop does this.

Is there any solution for this?
Thanks a lot,

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You can use Zapier or Integromat to do this

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Not to attach it to the order confirmation email though right? Would you not have to produce a PDF from a Google doc i.e. with all the details and sent it in a separate email to the customer?

Correct it must be a separate mail, but it can be sent more or less at the same time

@davidk77 can it be a link to a PDF, or does it actually have to be a PDF attachment?

Hey @dylang, actually it could also be a link to the Website… but it seems like this kind of customization is also not possible in the E-Mail.

I did it with Integromat, thanks a lot! What’s definitely more complicated is to induce the generated order data into an Invoice tool like Invoice Ninja or something like that, in order to automate the generation of receipts. This is also definitely a lack in Webflow E-Commerce for sure.

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If you have a good workflow / solution to generate PDFs / Invoice-Documents with Integromat or Zapier, let me know!

Hey @dylang a link would be awesome because:

(1) the companies that are purchasing through our site need a PDF for their book keeping. This is a big problem for us right now.

-> you could grab that link with Zapier
-> and push it back into an Orders CMS collection in Webflow
-> and then display a table with Order History for each logged in customer (filtered by their user ID)

That would, however, only be feasible if you use a tool like Memberstack or Memberspace, but it would be a huge feature for me.

Hey @davidk77, I’d be curious to see you Integromat flow?

I’m currently trying to accomplish this by grabbing the individual details from the ‘Order Fulfilled’ trigger via Zapier. Then pushing those details into a Google doc, in order to generate a PDF and attach it to an email.

Like so:

Sorry for the Danish here and there :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas,

looks interesting … but how do you fire the second email for the customer?

Hi @dylang,
I can totally second that wish to include pdfs to customer emails as in Germany you definitely need to include the general terms & conditions and cancellation policy info, e.g. as pdfs to the customer confirmation mail. That would be easiest, honestly. Tried to set-up Zapier but without code I could not include the purchased items info of the order without it being a total mess as all info related to the items (not just the basics needed to inform the customer) are displayed.
Any way you guys could make it possible to add (several) attachments to customer emails?
Thanks so much,

yeah i would appreciate that too. its a pity we cant attach anything to ecommerce mails