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How do i integrate webflow to mailchimp for ecommerce?

Hey, since the webflow ecom mails for customers do not meet the legal requirements for germany (need to send documents as attachment or direct links with ecom mail) i am trying to setup a workaround with zapier + mailchimp (or is there a better solution?)

trigger: order update
action: send the same shipping mail like webflow but with attachment (or direct links)

but it seems like i have to define a custom action in mailchimp - which i cant because theres no webflow integration. and the custom code does not state to solve that specific problem.

can anyone help me on this case? i just wanna send some attachements or links with my order fulfilled ecom email… :frowning:

i solved the case but the trigger “order update” does not work properly as the mails already get sent when the order is placed (should only send when i fullfil the order)
maybe webflow staff knows about this bug?

Not a bug, you can change the notification settings to send an email when the order is confirmed and/or shipped.