How to print an order and shipping label for fulfillment?


On orders page , the Editor has only one export method: csv.
This is not suitable for the non tech people in the fulfillment center who need to ship out the orders.

Shipping details there’s also no way to select and copy the text.

Would be helpful to have an easy way to print out each order with all the relevant information.
Extra points for adding a ready made shipping label and order details.

Any suggestions?


I would love to know that as well. Very important to be able to do that. A timeframe on when this function will be available would also be appreciated.

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I really want to use webflow over shopify, but i too think its lacking some addon/pluggins implementations.
Looking forward to when this will all happen.

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I’m also having similar issues. Since there is no integration with shipping services (like there is with Stripe) the best way to send shipping info is through CSV export. I tried Zappier but the information is incomplete and formatted wrong. When I export the CSV 9to upload to Shipstation) the addressee name and product information (weight, dimensions) are missing. It’s been long enough since ecommerce launch, this is very frustrating. Webflow offers a great product and service, but this is a major fail!

Hi all.
Foxy integrates with multiple shipping integrations as well as providing all customer/order info to our Zapier zap. Depending on your needs, we may be able to help. Feel free to message or email ( and we’ll help you get started.

Information about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here:Webflow |


Foxy, do you know if it is possible to integrate a Rollo printer with Webflow?

Hi @emmeffpearl.
Possibly, by customizing the Foxy print receipts or using Zapier/webhooks to get data formatted and sent how you need it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any instructions for this, but let us know if you run into any issues or have further questions:


Hey All,

We created an app to print and download Webflow ecommerce invoices.

It has a few features people have been asking for:

  • Bulk Printing
  • Add custom return policy to invoices
  • Add custom logo to invoices

Check it out at

Let us know if you have any questions:

Take a look at our app:

There are a lot of features and more are coming.

  • Bulk printing and downloading
  • You can turn invoice pdf Auto-delivery to save your time
  • Custom email texts.
  • Invoice templates+customizations are coming soon