Assets won't delete

When I copy a site and remove the assets (photos) and replace them with different ones all the old photos come back. Can someone advise me how to delete these assets as I don’t want my sites getting bigger and bigger with unused photos. Many thanks

To confirm, this isn’t working for you?:

Unfortunately not. I delete the assets as you do and make sure it has saved the site before I exit. When I go back in they are all back again.

Hi Janet,

In my experience you have to delete every instance of the image that is used before deleting from the asset panel.

If only deleting from the asset panel, when you republish, Webflow will see that you are using images (in the existing element instance) and re-add the image back to the asset panel.

I normally go to the image element, change to image to something else (that I want to keep), then go to the assets panel and delete the image asset.

That way the image doesn’t get re-added.

hope that makes sense,

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I thought I had removed them all, but I will go back and double check they are not lurking around somewhere.
Thanks for that

and which sites do you intend to delete it from?