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Site speed test / webflow assets

I’ve run a couple of speed tests on my site, and there are a load of pages appearing that don’t exist on my site which ae slowing it down.

When I navigate to the links that take time, I can see they appear to be large assets that are not being used by me, maybe they came with the template? in fact, some i can’t even find at all… anyone else have similar problems?

What are these, and how do i get rid of them?!

Sorry they were meant to appear as links

Asset 1

asset 2


The only current way to delete unused assets from the asset manager is to duplicate the site. Try this.

Hi @mampiharry, thanks for the post. Assets are only downloaded if they are used in the layout. I would first go and clean your unused styles from the style manager tab:

After doing that, republish your site. What is the published URL and the read-only link to the site?

I am happy to take a look.

Cheers, Dave

@vincent I’ve already duplicated the site, so that I had a saved version with all the template pages (I deleted some prior to publishing as I didn’t need them for now / didn’t want them indexed). I’ve been back and checked and the duplicate site has all the same assets - so not sure that theory works.

@cyberdave - styles cleaned and published, would really appreciate you looking. Link is below

Just done some more tests and most sites are saying over 5 secs… .not great. The best I can get is a ‘visual load time’ of 3.87s , which is still really slow for a site with 4 pages and not much content!

Pingdom is on a go-slow (ironic) so can’t check if those links are still slowing me down, but here are the screenshotted recommendations from gtmetrix

Just on a quick glance the images you have loading on your site are really huge. The abstract background is:
width: 3002px;
height: 2502px;

The logo is 1000px wide png and displays looking a little low res or pixelated on the blue “e” symbol. Maybe the logo would work better as a svg?

Image optimization would make a huge difference. That is the significant portion of the issue causing the slow load times.

Hi @vlogic ; thanks - aware of the size of the homepage image. I can probably take it under 100k but i’s not tiled so needs to be a reasonable size to cover e.g. 27in screen.

Anyway, I’m not debating the size of the background images that I have chosen to use - I can alter these easily.

If you look at the pingdom report (see below)`you can see assets loading that a) I’m not using b) are very large and c) I don’t know where they came from (template) d) I can’t delete them!!

Please read up the chain, click on the links, and see report below.

FYI - 387k (don’t use)

279K (don’t use)

Cleanup the unused styles prior to duplicate the site. It works for me.

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