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Assets not showing or uploading on Safari -- Chrome OK

Hey guys, My assets are not showing and when i try to upload new ones they don’t load in. Does anyone know why this is happing?

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m having the same issue!! It won’t load any type of file on any of my sites.

This just started happening to me as well around the same time this was posted. The site looks fine and all assets are showing up on the page itself but In the asset panel, nothing is there and I cannot upload anything new. Would love to be able to continue working on my project!

As a temporary fix, I just attempted logging into the designer on chrome and it worked just fine. Still not working on Safari (where I typically work)

Hi @Efrain_Jimenez, @Justin_Kenna and @bliz, thanks for reporting this trouble with Safari and the image upload. I am able to reproduce the behavior in Safari, in Chrome as @Justin_Kenna the upload appears to work ok.

As soon as there is additional info for a resolution I will help to provide an update. In the meantime, I would use chrome for the image upload as a workaround.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you @cyberdave @Justin_Kenna! Will use chrome in the meantime

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Hi @Efrain_Jimenez, @Justin_Kenna, @bliz, our team has identified a fix for Safari, I do not have the exact timeline yet, but once the fix is pushed out, I will let you know :slight_smile:

Hi @Justin_Kenna, @Efrain_Jimenez and @bliz, the issue with the Safari browser and the assets panel should now be resolved, could you let me know if any further issue with that??


Works great on my end. Thank you!

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