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Dynamic CMS images not displaying in Safari

Hey webflowers,

I’m having trouble displaying these dynamic CMS images in Safari. It works all fine in Chrome but it only shows one of the six images in Safari. They’re inside the collection portfolio-images.

I also tried publishing the site from Safari, but that didn’t help either. I also read up on a couple of similar forum posts but those weren’t really solved either. (Assets not showing or uploading on Safari -- Chrome OK)

Any help is much appreciated :pray:

Staging link:
Read-only link: Webflow - knguru

I don’t have Safari so I can’t test however there was a post I answered recently with image issues in Safari and the solution was to set the image height for every image to AUTO as described in the below article. The browser will scale the image proportionally automatically. You need to actually set it to auto. If it says auto but is grayed out then it’s not set correctly.

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Thank you, I’ll take a look

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