Image Upload Problem / Asset Manager Problem

I frequently do not like an image that I have uploaded and decide to crop or resize it. When I re-upload the new image, my standard practice, over many years, is to keep the same file name to maintain the integrity of the code, However, Webflow simply makes another copy of the image file and automatically adds a sequential number. First of all, this is non-standard practice. Overwriting the file is almost always the default. If Webflow is not going to ask me whether I want to overwrite or copy, the default should be overwrite. Secondly, the extra images seem to totally confuse Webflow. Even after I upload the new image, Webflow often continues to use the old image. This is frustrating, but I could deal with it if the asset manager weren’t so primitive. My image file names are often long but the Webflow asset manager is so narrow I cannot see the end of the file names where Webflow adds the sequential numbers. Consequently, I am unable to know which files to delete and which files to keep. My only solution is to delete ALL files with similar names and start all over again. Very frustrating.

@Bill616, if you aren’t using the initial image you can delete it BEFORE uploading the next image and that should remove all the problems you are having with naming as well as it using your old image. In terms of knowing which files to delete can you not use the thumbnail of the image to tell whether it is the correct one?

The asset manager is a recently released tool, and the ability to delete images is even more recent, webflow is a small company doing a lot of great things and it’s often difficult for them to perfect everything first time round, in the mean time it’s worth staying patient as there really is nothing like this tool anywhere else.

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