Are there consequences of downgrading from Business Plan to CMS Plan?!

Hi everyone. I’m quite new to Webflow so please excuse the possibly simplistic question.

I’m building a site for a friend and his use case requires me to Integrate FoxyCart for the checkout flow. He has two different product types: One is items for sale that will be paid for through a traditional cart/checkout flow. The second type of product is items for rent. These also get put in a cart but the contents are then submitted to the site owner in order to generate a quotation for the customer.

All the products (both for sale and for rent) are in the Ecommerce CMS. FoxyCart currently draws its info from here. The current site plan is ‘Business’ but I wish to downgrade the account (and cost!) to the CMS account as FoxyCart will handle the checkout. If I downgrade to CMS, will the Ecommerce products and categories remain untouched or am I likely to lose them?

Thanks a lot!


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I’ve heard good things about FoxyCart, but for specifics about what you’d loose and the consequences of downgrading your Webflow account, you may want to consider reaching out to Webflow support - just to make sure you get fully educated.

Thanks a lot Chris. I’ve already reached out to FoxyCart but it’s worth doing the same with Webflow directly. Thanks!

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Hi @kfzero - you may want to consider a solution that draws its data from an external source instead of the Ecommerce CMS.

For example with Shoprocket you create the products in our dash, then simply embed them in your page(s) and the cart with full checkout flow works out of the box, it doesn’t need any data from Webflow at all. We have a guide, video and demo store on Webflow here that should help: - Installing Shoprocket - Shoprocket

Another 3rd party solution that doesn’t need to pull data from Webflow is Ecwid, also a good option.

Hope this helps!