Downgrading the Ecommerce plan to CMS or Business


Help me to understand what is happening with all products and variants when you downgrade your Ecommerce site to CMS or Business.

Will I still have my products or they will be transformed into CMS? Is there anything I should know about this type of downgrade?

Right now I have Ecommerce plan, but I don’t need it anymore. I am going to sell my items with an integrated service, so I need to have all my products as CMS. Help me to understand if I need to create all CMS from scratch or it will be done automatically when I will downgrade?

There is no downgrade on e-commerce functionality. Once enabled it stays enabled. You don’t have to subscribe to an e-commerce plan though. If you want the products to be entries in a collection you could create them manually or potentially export, then import them. Unfortunate it is.