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We’ve taken on a project for an e-commerce website, and the plan we purchased is a CMS. Now we’re facing a challenge: we can’t add more than a certain number of products, and it says we need to update the plan.
Does updating mean we have to purchase the e-commerce plan?
If the answer is yes, can we buy a one-month plan to finish the project? Will there be any issues for the client’s site if the one-month plan expires? I’m planning to transfer it to the client’s own hosting.

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When you have a hosting plan on a site, the plan determines the limits of that site.
So if you’ve exceeded the limits on what you’re using you’ll need to increase them.

If you’re using e-commerce features, you will need an e-commerce plan for the site to be functional. During the build, you could do month-to-month to finish the project- then when you transfer the site you’ll need to establish that same level of e-commerce plan to have the features you’re wanting.

Another option is to avoid e-com and instead use a solution like Foxy or Ecwid or paypal buy now buttons with a CMS plan.

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with shopify buy buttons its easy-peasy.
Your client can choose a cheaper plan with better options on webflow
The big minus is to pay shopify… but than you have the best and the easiest solution

Hi @Shaqayeq_Shahbazi.
Josh with Foxy here. You might consider our seamless Webflow integration: You can manage products with Webflow CMS or Foxy can move with you if you decide to host the site yourself. Foxy helps you get around the various Webflow Ecommerce limitations.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: