How to downgrade E-Commerce/CMS Template to work w/ Basic plan?

Hi all,
So I found a template I really like, but I don’t need the e-commerce or CMS features that come with it, and would like to stick with a Basic site plan.

In the template FAQ it says “deleting all Ecommerce Products and Categories from the project, will allow you to select a lower Site Plan.” Does that include basic plan or is there no way for me to use this template if I stick with the basic plan?

I was also looking at other templates that use CMS; in their FAQs they say “it is possible to downgrade to a Basic Site Plan as long as all CMS content is deleted from the project.”

Bit confused about this part.
Does doing this result in deletion of pages that use CMS, or deletion of any elements from pages that use CMS? Will pages with CMS still look the same after deleting CMS content? I’d still like to use those template pages, just as a static page.

Thank you!

If you want to downgrade from the CMS plan but there are designs / elements on the CMS Collection Pages that you are wanting to keep, you’ll need to unbind those elements from the CMS and copy them to a static page.

When you delete the CMS Collection itself, the Collection Page will be deleted as well.

To do the unbinding more easily, use Finsweet’s Chrome Browser Extension. Under Candies, there is an Unbind CMS feature.

Thanks, what about downgrading to basic from template with ecommerce? How would I go about doing that? I know a workaround is needed to do so, but not sure how to do that

It’s the same. Clear out your ecom data, unlink anything on your ecom pages, move any elements you want to keep to regular static pages.

You cannot remove ecommerce functions from the site, but if you downgrade the plan they just stop working.