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App Sympla Landing Page

Hi guys!

Here to show my last project on Webflow:

Would be good some feedbacks! :slight_smile:
Hope that you like it!


Wow, some nice animations here, very unique. Great work !

Are you still working on the mobile version? Content is “floating” a bit in safari - iphone5.

maybe check the overflows ?

Great job again,

Take care

Loving those interactions very stylish, fancy sharing with us how you did them?

Thank you man!

Hmmm… I can’t see this issues that you said. Can you send me some print?

Thanks again!


I used the 3D transform and drop shadow, so I changed them on hover status. Simple don’t you think? :slight_smile:


Here is a screen capture of your site using an Iphone 5 with Safari browser (same for Chrome) :

Oh! I see now. Some element is largest than the screen and it results in horizontal scroll.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Simple but effective, nice job. Assume the phone images are gifs?

I don’t think about this because gif are large size. Do you think it is better?