Douglas Pinho Portfolio

Hi! I’m Douglas Pinho, a Brazilian Visual Designer who works mainly as UX/UI in a Digital Agency and as Graphic Designer freelancer. This is my portfolio full made in Webflow (work in progress). :smile:


Fabulous job! Lovely design and I love the contact form text. :smiley: How did you add the fading text at the top?

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Hi @MinewireNetwork! It is scroll interaction that I define to 10% in offset field.
Glad that you liked and thanks for the appreciation!



@douglasrpinho great job man! I really don’t have any negatives to say. It’s neat, clean and visually awesome. The only comment I have is on the landing page under your logo and what you do (first thing you see when the website loads) have a bouncing arrow animation. This will let the “non tech’y” people know they have to scroll down to view your website. Other than that small item - Great work!

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@douglasrpinho Great job love the design very clean grabs your attention overall its great :smile:

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@douglasrpinho that is absolutely LOVELY!!! I love the minute interactions with the slider and just throughout. Beautiful work :smile:

  • Waldo :smile:
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Thank you guys for your appreciation!
Few weeks ago, @seank, I read a post about this and I’m surprised with the result.


By the way I will think about this possibility to make the experience more obviously for everybody. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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Cleanliness in a pocket! Great stuff @douglasrpinho! :smile:

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