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I need your opinion


I finish my new website but I’m not sure can you give me your opinion ?

Very nice horizontal scrolling, animation and colors.

I’m not sure if this is correct:

Yeeesss! I really like it, super nice. Only suggestion, add some padding under the progress bar so it doesn’t get lost with the logos. But man, it’s real good.

Ok Thanks i add the padding

I think you can speed up the opening of the nav and the interactions happening when you do.
And I think your last project should get a bit further in on the page.

Other than that I love the look and feel of the scroll motion or dragging motion. Great start!
Thank you for sharing!

You have a little bit of horizontal scrollbar on the browser. You mat want to adjust the width and get rid of that.

And the progress bar is still on the logos for me. You have room up top, could you move it up there? Or maybe just get rid of the progress bar, not sure you need it.

Other than that it’s great! :slight_smile: :+1:

The manual drag and scroll is super satisfying. Did you use some js library for that? Which one if I may ask?

thanks it’s a clonable project horizontal scroll

Oh. Which one though? I can scourge it to have a look at the scripts used myself.