API server Side Calls - can this be done in WF?

Hi Guys,

Non-techy here but I understand a little bit so please be kind. We are building a new website that requires API server-side calls to a separate database. I want to know if this is possible to do, I know it is in Wordpress but I hate WP and want to build on Webflow as I am a design-centric type of guy :slight_smile:

Is this possible to do yet within Webflow?

Thanks in advance

At a high level it will need to do the following:

  • WF application directs the browser to the DB authorization page.
  • The user authenticates and approves WF application’s request.
  • The user is redirected back to WF with an authorization code in the query string.
  • WF sends this code to the DB to exchange for an API access token and optionally a refresh token.
  • WF application can now use these tokens to call the DB API on behalf of the user.

bump any help would bee great or a point in the right direction to the right link - thanks in advance