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Is it possible to integrate this API into webflow?

I want to incorporate this tool into my site with my branding. Is this possible? If you say yes, are you a developer who knows how to do this and can we talk? Thank you!

https://userbob.com/enterprise - This is the API

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Not unless you are prepared to host/build another site for the API and then call that from custom code in Webflow.

Ok… mmmm… what does that mean… Can you step by step that out so I can understand a little easier? Host or build another site in what? HTML? PHP? Then how would I “call that from a custom code”? Do you know how to do this?

Hey Laurel, happy to explain it for you. This is a REST API which just means you can send requests to their URL and get data back.

You’d need to get an API key (through their link) and “attach it” to each request to their API so that it can be verified - they don’t want to let just anyone inside!

The code that needs to be written just depends on what you’re looking to achieve. The link you shared shows a bunch of “methods” that work with their API. That just means that you can ask the API for different things depending on what kind of method you call.

For example, if you want something on your website that creates a test, you (or your developer) could write a JavaScript file that makes an “apiCreateTest” request to the API. You’d store this file somewhere on a server (AWS or even where you currently host your site). In Webflow, you’d embed a script that “includes” a link to that file on your Webflow site so it can get triggered when you need it to.

Hope that helps but feel free to ask any more questions :slight_smile:


Thank you Sarwech! I still have no idea what this means but I will search for a developer. I also signed up for Nocodelytics. Congrats and excited to see that develop!

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Happy to chat in more detail about this and see if I can help! I’ve sent you an email.

Thanks for signing up :grin:

Hi! Yes! Can you help? What would you charge for this?

It would be difficult to say without understanding what you need to do with it exactly. Shoot me an email explaining what it is you want to achieve!

John from webflow said he was going to reach out, had he done so?

Afraid not, I haven’t had any messages from them.

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Hi there so basiclly to cut a long story short I am looking implement a API via this service https://cleancloudapp.com/api I just want to know whether I will be able to create a page that uses this whilst using Webflow ?

Not sure if you got an aswer to your questions separately but yes, you could certainly build a page in Webflow and add custom code to make requests to that API.

hey @sarwech , thanks for the previous comments, one thing that isn’t clear to me is how you could possibly do that without revealing your secret key. Like you said you need to include an API key to authenticate yourself, and since you’d have to write custom code in js you’d have to embed that in the code, no? am I missing anything? thank you for your help.