Subscriber/Member Lock Parts of Site

Does/will the Webflow CMS have the ability to lock down certain pages for paid members/subscribers? It would be extremely helpful for making a paid-content site especially with the amazing CMS you’ve made.


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Hey Eli, great idea! Are you thinking of a set password for specific pages, or more like the ability to create full user accounts on a Webflow-powered site?

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Hey Vlad,

Thanks for the quick reply! What I’m looking for is one of the following options, in order of preference (high to low):

  1. Native Webflow powered user accounts for accessing content
  2. Webflow support and integration with a service like Memberful and/or Piano (Memberful already integrates with Squarespace and WP).

I appreciate it because this is a crucial feature for my business and one that would make me switch from Squarespace instantaneously—or as fast as I can rebuild my site on Webflow :smile:.


@callmevlad Been able to set password protected pages for separate clients would be massive, for a lot of my projects, any plans to add this feature?

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