Multiple Password Options for Password Protected Pages


I’m trying to decide whether to use Webflow or WordPress for my project and a big part of my decision comes down to a specific functionality that I need incorporated into an otherwise basic site.

The functionality I’m looking for is the ability to password protect certain pages on the website–based on multiple potential passwords–versus just one.

While I see that it is possible to password protect a page on a webflow website using just one password, my questions is–is it possible to password protect a page with multiple potential passwords?

The use case here is to create a website–wherein the user can only access the e-commerce section if he/she has an invite code.

Hope that makes sense–let me know if you need additional clarification.


No, it is not possible.

Welcome @mark.a

As has already been mentioned you cannot, natively with Webflow.

That said you can use third parties like Memberstack that will “hide” the same page(s) behind multiple memberships - each with their own password.

This is what most folks are doing right now.