Anyone use an external database for driving custom user pages?

We have users that elect to take an “assessment” that generates ~124 answers (Typeform). The answers are put in sections that range from basic demographics to more specific segments of job proficiency ratings. The non-demographic sections are scored, the scores drive a custom feedback paragraph (example: “Great work, sounds like you’re crushing [this area]” or “We’ve got some work to do here, follow these links to training…” - I am being concise here with these examples but the paragraphs are Rich Text fields in Airtable that align with the section scores. So, Typeform sends user info and section scores to Airtable, Airtable pairs the scores with the right paragraphs, NOW I need the complete user “profile” (user demographics, email, name plus all the paragraphs) accessible on a user page back in Webflow so I can design the “report” that is the ultimate output. Some of the report will be static (same instructions for everyone) but the majority will be populated by the paragraphs resulting from their Typeform submission. There are ~50 paragraphs PLUS 12 overall scores PLUS a few other answers as to goals (stored in their own fields) etc that I need to recall for the report. This means >60 custom fields if I simply used Webflow CMS. So, has anyone used an external database (where I can have >60 fields) to call user specific data to a Webflow user page? Thanks!

How are you identifying the user on the site? Are you using Memberstack or Webflow Memberships?

Generally you’ll want your data processing to resolve the answer into one place, such as Airtable or Xano. I wouldn’t use the CMS to store any form of user data as there are too many security considerations, plus data-access complications for user-specific data.

If you’re using a login system that has a user ID, pass that with the original form submission so that it’s easy to retrieve later. I typically retrieve external data through serverless APIs like Netlify serverless functions since they’re fast and edge-deployed.

In your case it sounds like AirTable may be the place to store this, particularly if it’s readonly.

If you’re going to get more complex than that with your UI’s, you might consider Wized for your UI logic and possibly Xano for storage and data-access.