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Change published date (transferring posts from Wordpress to Webflow)

Can someone please explain to me how I can transfer blog posts from my Wordpress to Webflow and to keep the published dates from Wordpress (or at least be able to change them manually in Webflow)?

I am new at blogging so I need some help and I’m also not as familiar with technical language.

Thank you!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ll need to import the dates into a new field. The created/publish date fields are read-only.


CSV import: no date mapping possible?
Anyone know a way to post date blog posts

What does it mean to add a field using CSV? In Wordpress can I export my blog posts as a CSV? Sorry I am very new at this.

Hi @prettyinskin here is more of a information in importing CSVs from WordPress to Webflow.

Hope this helps :grin:

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Yes this does!! Thank you! I will let you know if I have more questions :slight_smile: