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Anyone interested in doing a challange?

Hey there,

just want to ask if someone besides me is interested in doing some kind of challange?

Example: “Create your best 90ths flash style website”

Members vote for winner.
The price? You gain a lot of attention :slight_smile:

I would - even though I stand no chance, it would be great way to develop my Webflow abilities. Good call.

In fact, here’s the first one, replicate this in Webflow as I am failing miserably!

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I rather thought of a specific subject for challange instead of copying a given site.
But hell… the site you have shown is so beautiful and great. I really love the scrolling effect :heart_eyes:

Me too - although the only way I’ve found to achieve it is Scroll Hijacking which I’ve been warned against. I’ve posted on the Forum to see if anyone can get a similar effect in Webflow, and I’m trying to do so myself!

it also should be possible to do it with animations which get triggered by a flag div. I will also try if i find the time :slight_smile:

Interesting & it would be great if you could - what is a flag div?

Hey @Roxzfr I built this quite some time ago using Multiscroll.js check it out, you can clone it too.

It’s not perfect as I never really finished it but you’ll get the idea!

Clone it here:


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@Aaron - brilliant! Thank you I will clone it. But I do want to learn how to do it as well.

Yeah of course!

I mean the example I did is using a 3rd party JS, but it’s totally possible to do it in Webflow without any 3rd party JS.

@Aaron - the site is stunning. I will learn a great deal from it - thank you. I have posted a topic requesting help on how to do this. If you get the time could you let me know how to do it on Webflow as we’ve rather hijacked @Christoph_Schober topic!

Ha, yeah sorry @Christoph_Schober :frowning:

I’ll find your post.

Just did a Multiscroll site today using the multiscroll.js however the first link is probably done using greensock which is a lot more work.