Cool Site Navigation, would like to duplicate in Webflow

I assume that Webflow can do something like this, and I was hoping that someone could launch me into the direction of how to start and provide how they would approach and build it. Thank you!

I have created a 30 second screen grab of what i am looking to build.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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search on the forum about this libary

About the animation inside the tablet - its more complicated - but you could use masks and webflow interaction

You need to “break” your head to solve this. Anyway the tables is in fixed position

And a lot of scroll interaction (I never try to combine scroll interaction with fullPage.js but it should work)

Thank you Ezra!

Unfortunately I am not a real programmer and anything with .js is out of my league. Can I pay you for a couple of hours to set this up in my Webflow account, then i could take it from there or depending on the price, I just provide you the content and you do the whole thing? Please let me know your thoughts.



Write me In private.

sent email via your website

This what you need so you don’t start from the scratch.