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How about a challenge section?

Have you guys thought about making a challenge section in the forums?

Someone finds a nice design, UI or interaction type thing and the users try to recreate it and maybe better it…

Just a thought.

I think most will recreate certain website for some amount of money as this is more as a job rather than a challenge. I can’t speak for all people here so I’ll speak by myself. I had clients that wnated their own websites to be recreated in Webflow directly – just so they will be able to edit it in the future, make it responsive or simply clean up the code, because the last website was built with <table> ;)

Beside that there is no website that cannot be recreated within Webflow.

I like that idea actually. Little like Dribbbles rebound feature. Could be a hole site or part of site lika a nav or a tabs section. If I publish a site I could check that this site is up for a challange. But I thinking that this is a feature over at rather than here in forums.

To me the whole forum is a challenge section :smiley: For @bartekkustra too :smiley:

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