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Help to re-create this amazing interaction

Hi, a few weeks ago I asked if the scroll interaction on this website could be replicated in Webflow @vincent kindly advised me that no as this is JavaScript Scroll Hijacking, I looked into this but it seems to be held in low regard as it can mess up the sites integrity? Can anyone get anything similar to happen on Webflow without messing the site up? Help as always appreciated thank you,

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @Roxzfr as for the Scroll Hijacking, it’s not usually the done thing in industry, but in my opinion, there’s a time and a place for everything on the web, if we just had website that only scrolled up and down, I think the web would be a slightly more boring place!

As for re-creating this I’ll put together a quick demo on my Playground for you to go through and copy/learn…


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Aaron - you are a star, thank you so much!

Ok @Roxzfr I haven’t got the Mouse event working will have to look into that further but don’t have the time right this second, but I won’t let it beat me :slight_smile:

But for now check it out

Brilliant work @Aaron - but how did you do it???

Clone it and open it to check the structure, it’s on my 3D testing site you cloned earlier :slight_smile:

And thank you!

On it now! Thank you.

Sorry @Aaron I don’t have ‘Flex’ in my display settings?

Huh, you don’t have Flex!? Do you mean you’ve never used it?

Both, here’s the link to site I’m working on - no Flex? I have found a tutorial on it though, so I will watch that. Here’s a link to the site I’m working on I’m sure I just need to follow the tutorial?

Yeah, once you understand flex, it’ll open up a whole new world! so you don’t have the higlighted button here:


Flexbox has been what I’ve been waiting for since back when we had to build sites using tables, then, evil floats. Now it’s 10,000 times easier. Check out the CSS Tricks Guide to Flexbox as well. Good stuff!


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How can you clone the site and open it in Webflow Designer?

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