Moving elements in the Navigator

Has anyone noticed that there is some change to the way you move and nest elements in the Navigator? I find it hard to describe, but now its even worse than before :frowning:

Yes it has changed. I thought it was well working before, but it’s also very good now, I find. Try to practice dragging an object laterally to change its parent, and see how the parent highlights. Also ESC to cancel if you’re not sure.

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When trying to move an element into another element, I get the feeling Webflow have tried to punish users on purpose… The element to be nested jumps around, I struggle to target it, it’s a maddening experience. When I finally manage to nest an element by chance, I cannot even figure out how it happened at all :frowning:

What is the point of changing the blue colour of a hovered potential parent element to gray one? It goes against my expectations, at least.

Is it only me feeling like this? Have Webflow done usability testing before introducing this change?

There used to be some dividers appearing when moving an element between siblings, hinting where you’d like to drop the element - now those are no longer available, as well :frowning:

I’ve been teaching Webflow to a number of people and moving elements around the Navigator has always been difficult to them. Now it’s plain horrible even to me.

I think you must get used to it.

I’ll be honest that I did not like it at first. But after 1 week’s use I got very comfortable with it and like it more than the previous version with the blue line.

All takes some time to get used to but with practice i think eventually it will not be a problem for you.

I thought good UI should not require a “getting used to period” for such a basic user activity as moving elements over a hierarchical layout…

Hierarchical layouts have been around for a very long time, Windows Explorer to say the least… Good UI practices for hierarchical layouts have been figured out very long time ago. I wish Webflow simply implemented the best out there, instead of reinventing the wheel in so flawed way :frowning: Quite a bad signal and a turnoff for new users.

Yes. I’ve noticed this as well.

You can basically drag an element into a parent…
by “pushing / dragging it right”.

Takes a little practice to get it to work… but not an issue for me.

I also find the new navigator sidebar panel worse than the previous one. It’s hard to move things now as they jump under the cursor. It’s not an improvement.

It seems to work well for me.

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