AnyForm - Customizable Google Forms inside Webflow

Hi everyone

I’m building AnyForm — a tool which lets you customize Google Forms for your brand.

It works by connecting a form you make on Webflow to a public Google Form you’ve created.

Examples of forms you could make with it:

  • ‘Contact us’ form
  • Feedback form
  • Product order form
  • Leave a review / rating form


  • Responses recorded in Google Sheets
  • Email notifications for each response
  • No backends or Zapier/Integromat workflows required

Sign up here for early access:!

Hi there,

I’ve been looking for something similar for a while now… So, well done for taking your time to create AnyForm. I also have couple of suggestions which for example for me would be really useful:

(1) Allow the user to download the responses in an Excel file (for example) straight after the form is completed (I am trying to create a self discovery process which requires user to download his answers) – no other forms allow this.

(2) Allow more specifications for the view of the Google form.

Thanks, Mihai

Hi Michael,

Glad to hear AnyForm solves a problem you’ve run into!

(1) This is definitely possible.

(2) Could you elaborate on this one? Do you mean adding custom CSS?

– Alex