Business idea for Webflow: Form solution builder

As I was in a wishful dream state about conditional logic forms in Webflow, this came up to me: what if Webflow enters the form builders market?

Of all the visual form builders I have tried, none has the elegance of Webflow. At the same time there’s quire a competition on this market. Maybe it is lucrative?

If Webflow develops this kind of service, it would have positive impacts such as “organic” advertising effect through the extra exposure to relevant potential customers, as well as superb form building capabilities for its current user base.

At the same time, this would not be a digression from the core business of Webflow. Forms are an integral and mandatory element of a web site building tool.


Hi @uzzer,

I don’t mind using Webflow to send my forms, but if the Client starts to get to over 500 forms, than the charging starts for me…
Or they have to charge for a limitless passthrough system or temporary style of sending the forms for free if you have an account etc…


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Great idea I support 100% ! :smiley:

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I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite some time. Typeform is the closest thing I can find that impresses me as a form solution. However, the design control is restricted too much. Webflow has the potential to create really insane form experiences, I hope the tackle this one someday.

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Form builder and/or landing page builder (eg unbounce killer). Typeform is awesome btw, that’s the competition afaict.


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This. I absolutely love Typeform. Brilliant implementation on desktop and mobile. Clients/customers love it.

I’ve got the name for it…

FormFlow :grinning:

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