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Free custom form email solution


Is there any free way to customize the email my client receives when the form gets submitted?
I tried zapier, it works fine, I just don’t want to pay monthly £15 only for this because the free version doesn’t enough for the amount of form submissions my client gets.
All I want is just some simple html editing to make the email look more organized and I need to call the form fields individually instead of the whole form data altogether.

Thank you for the answers

IMO, WebFlow forms are great and the emails do the work they are supposed to.

Alternatively, you can collect the data in Mailchimp and set them to forward to your client’s email. A few workarounds and it can work.

If you’re adventurous I suggest utilizing google form, sheets, and docs.

Have webflow populate a g-form, have that form populate g-sheets, utilizing the add-on autocrat have sheets populate a doc, THEN have that doc (.pdf) emailed out. Sounds crazy, but once you get the WB info to google it all happens automatically. Of course, after it’s all set up.

To understand what I’m referring to, open sheets, click Add-ons, click Get add-ons then you will see Autocrat. Look what it can do. Or just click here. I think there are other options here (sheets, add-ons) too so look around.