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This issue wasn’t here for months until I just checked today. I have the overflow set to visible and you can scroll without those scroll bars appearing before and now its annoyingly there. I don’t know how to fix it because when I set it to visible, it won’t scroll anymore. So now I have to set my div overflow to auto and have that scroll bar in the middle of everything. I am willing to compromise as long as that scroll bar appears on the far right away from making my website ugly. but I can’t because I need the text inside my RTE with 19vw - 19vw margins. And the scroll bar FOLLOWS IT. ugh.

I don’t understand why for months I didn’t have this scroll bar problem and now I do. Please help me ASAP. I have an actual client on here and this is really making her website ugly.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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No scrollbars for me here

but thats not the page I was showing on the preview…

OK. Next time please mention the exact page you want looked at in your first message just to avoid confusion.

OK, set your L1_contentsection to have min height of 100vh (currently it is just height and it is limiting the visibility for your inner sections), and remove the overflow settings from your L1_content_tab_div (set it to default which is visible)

I did exactly as you said and it won’t scroll down. so I had to put it back to what it was at the moment.

I am not seeing the changes in the L1_contentsection - it is still height: 100vh instead of min-height: 100vh

because I put it back to the way it was that’s why. I tested it for a hot second, it wouldn’t scroll. and so I put it back to the way it was since people are viewing this live.

see video here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I am not sure what you are showing me. It is yet another page?

this is a collection template… so yes it affects multiple pages.

Then duplicate the L1_contentsection on the page where it is necessary (the first page with scrollbars) so that it won’t affect the rest of the pages.

edit: oh, better yet remove the 71vh height from the L1_content_tab_div

but I want the menu to stay up there fixed?

Also, now mobile won’t scroll. I’m reverting this back to before we started.

OK, I am just telling you a few facts about your layout and you are free to act or not based on this knowledge :slight_smile:

Your sections shouldn’t have fixed height (you may use minimum height though!) because this restrict its children visibility, and your content blocks where the amount of it is not fixed shouldn’t have fixed height (especially in relative units) because this can make them either unscrollable or will make them have the unsightly scrollbars.

That is all, now you may plan your content according to these facts.

okay, I will look through and apply changes and see if it will fix the scrollbars.

what I don’t get is that I didn’t have this problem before (since August 2018) and now I do. I haven’t changed a thing about it, just been adding more content.

So that’s why it’s a little frustrating.

That is unfortunate of course. But maybe you did change something and just didn’t pay much attention to this. Anyway, good luck!

HI, apologies for the delayed response. so i wasn’t able to review this since I moved places right after we last exchanged comments. But now when i viewed it, the scroll bar beautifully disappears when I am not scrolling, and is no longer affecting my design as intended. maybe it’s just a browser update of some sorts that fixed it. i’m not sure. but looks good on my end now.

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