Animated horizontal section but I can’t find where is the animation coded

I’ve cloned a project, the project itself is working well but I have absolutely no idea where the animations are coming from. I’ve checked the page’s code, the interactions panel, every setting I’m aware of and I still don’t know how everything’s moving together so when I copy the section over my own project, it doesn’t work obviously. I feel like I’m missing something big.

Thanks to anyone willing to unveil this mystery.

Here is my public share link (the page i’m working on is Untitled) : Webflow - WEBSITE

Published site : Untitled

Here is the cloned project : Photography Site Rebuild - Webflow

They are using GSAP.

You’ll find the code in the global site settings, under the custom code tab. Scroll all the way down to the Footer code section.

@theecarls I don’t see any code in the page’s settings and I can’t see if there is any in the global site settings (see attached). I did look up on chrome’s inspect tab earlier and found 2 scripts at the end of the page, I figure that’s what you’re referring to ? I tried to copy paste the 2 scripts but it did not work, I may have done it wrong though.

Ah, I see. Webflow only allows for custom code if you have a paid site plan OR have an upgraded workspace.

@theecarls I do have a paid site but only one, I can put custom code on the website I’m working on but not on the cloned one.
What I find funny is I never had this issue before and I cloned dozen of projects on “made by webflow” section. I usually can access and copy the custom code from the cloned page to my main website.

There is no custom code at the page-level for this cloneable. It’s all in the global site settings.

It’s my understanding that you won’t be able to access the global custom code settings of a cloneable if you are on a free account.