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Cloned page doesn't work

Hello there!

I’m desperately trying to integrate a script to my website.

It should be super simple, reading the comments, but it seems like I’m too noob to understand.

I’ve proceeded by copying the “canvas” element and pasting it into a blank new page on my own website.

Unfortunately, when I access my online website to check it out, it’s just a blank page — as if there was no script at all in there.

Could you kindly help me, please?


Here is my public share link:

And since it is only supposed to work when published, here’s how it looks:

Let me know,
Thank you!

Hi Hugo, Welcome back to the forum!

Where did you place the script and styles from the <head> tag in the original project?

Hey @avivtech Thanks for your reply!

I didn’t do anything apart from copy-pasting ‘Heading’ and ‘Canvas’ from the template into the ‘Body’ of my website.

Did I miss something evident?

Yes :sweat_smile:
There’s a code on the page settings, in the custom code “before </body> tag” section.