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Linking to sections - navbar over content

Hi Everyone,

First post, and regarding my first website!

I’ve found a couple of suggestions in the forum but can’t seem to solve this one.

When I make a navbar link to a secton in my site (a 1 page scroller) it goes to the section no problem, but the section is always right at the top of the browser and thus partially hidden by my navbar (which I would like to keep displayed)

I’ve tried playing with the top margin on both the section and the container within it, but no change. Share link is below, the two nav menu items i’ve been working on are ‘Experience’ and ‘Gallery’.

Is there an easy solution?

Many thanks

Here is my public share link:

(how to access public share link)

Yes, put your Navbar at the root of the structure.

And then it works.

The behavior you want is the default behavior in Webflow for when a Navbar is fixed.

The behavior you don’t want can be obtained by selecting a specific option (it’s usefull at times)

For this to work by default, the targeted element should be a sibling of the navbar.

Navbar is an important HTML5 element and should be at the root anyway.

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