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Nav links scroll and navbar position

Hello !

I’m building up a website and I have a little problem there.

I made a navbar and linked the navlinks to different sections but the problem is that when I click on the navlink it will scroll to the section but the navbar will stay out of the section.

It’s not really easy to explain so take a look at this :

Click on digital and you’ll see my problem.

If you could help me that’ll be nice.

If I understand well, what you tgink is “your problem” is what many people want to acieve :slight_smile: As your code is clean, this is the behavior that you’re supposed to expect. The navbar doesn’t overlapp the targeted section… the scroll stops be fore it overlaps (have I this right?).

So the question is why do you want the sections to overlapp the navbar?

To do that, you just have to… mess with your site. Drag a Div under the boday, and put the navbar in it… now the sections will overlapp (and your code isn’t that clean anymore because the navbar isn’t at root)